Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tips: Joining Mailing Lists, Listserver and News Groups

1. Know the objective of the mailing list. If it does not in anyway tickles your interest and imagination don't (join)... it will just be a waste of bandwidth to receive emails with contents that does not even make you mind tic... waste of time putting them in the trash bin.

2. Know where the moderators stand on issues. Moderators sometimes do some power play. Yung mga nerdy nerdy type of moderators who couldn't take the beating would just put you in moderation mode or simply unsubscribe you. Yung ibang naging moderator lobbies with the list server gods and goddesses. Mga sipsip ba. It's pointless to argue with them. Mga traidor yang mga yan sa tunay na buhay... hehehe... Mga taong insecure yan sa tunay na buhay... Power tripper ika nga... Just let them be kasi one way or another mabibisto din ang tunay nilang pagkatao... Manalangin ka na lang na totoo ang karma...

Pag kakampi mo ang moderator tirahin mo ang dapat tirahin... hehehehe... pero easy lang baka ikaw ang makarma. Concentrate on issues and not personalities.

3. Speak your mind... this is the internet for christ's sake... Mabubulok yan... Slightly used brain but badly damaged kasi kinalawang na. People needs to understand what you feel and where you're comming from. Maraming rhetorical magsulat... mahahaba... magagaling mag ingles... pero kung isa summarize mo... wala namang sinasabi... don't do that... make it brief and simple.... Make fun of his ideas if you do not agree with him...

4. Wag na wag kang makipag eyeball... Worst case scenario... pag opposite sex ang ka eyeball mo malamang sa kama ang bagsak nyo. Pag lalaki... you'd be civil to one another... wala nang avenue to explore things through arguments and rhetorics. What is read in the net... stays in the net... superficial ang mga tao sa chat at mailing lists... they are not what they write...

5. Enjoy writing. Don't be such a crybaby. Know when to stop and to give up... Pag ikaw ang nagsimula ng away... bad yan. Make sure na hindi ikaw ang nag draw ng first blood... Write in the most comfortable language/dialect that you can express yourself vividly... Taglish... kanto boy english karabao... Enjoy it...

Mag blog ka na lang kung ayaw mo sa mailing list. Sa blog ikaw ang dyos... pag interesting ang blog mo... maraming magbabasa sa 'yo. Pag walang kwenta ang articles mo... di ka na babalikan. Don't worry about comments kung meron o wala. Meron namang hit counter para ma monitor kung may nagbabasa o wala. Comments are not benchmarks na maraming nagbabasa ng blog... So mga kapatid sa pananampalatay kay Allah... Hasalaam Alaykum.


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